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We are in this for the hobby aspect, So therefore have limited stock available.
All our tanks are glass with the outside bottoms painted black.
Fish that are housed in bare bottom tanks that have non-painted bottoms are often stressed and skittish.
We use no gravel in our tanks that house fish, thus the need to paint.
In most of our tanks, we only use one filter,
We replace approx 50% filter floss/polyfiber every month or so,
This helps transfer the good bacteria to the new filter floss and keeps the tank from crashing.
We do not use any charcoal/carbon in any of our tanks,

We don’t use any salt in our tanks


Fish bought at a pet store has undergone 10 times the stress then a fish bought
straight from an independent breeder.

However one must remember, no matter where a fish comes from,
it undergoes a stressful change in it's life when it is moved. 
It's immune system is affected adversely and every precaution to reduce stress should be taken.

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